Mechanical Engineering

The Perfect Solution When You Need the Best

Whether you come in with a hand drawn scribble or a high-tech drawing and specifications, Sturm’s Mechanical Engineering division will find a solution to your problem, then draw, design, build and install.

It’s what we live for.

We love working with metal – any metal across any process. We can machine, cut, weld, fabricate, roll and water jet.

Our Technological Innovation Drives Our Success

  • Our robotic welder, (most likely the only one in South Australia) allows us to achieve cutting-edge precision as well as savings in the manufacturing process for our customers
  • Using our CNC Water Jet Cutter we can cut virtually anything – from stainless steel, exotic metals, ceramics, stone, aluminium, brass, copper, vinyl flooring, coal samples, privacy screens, rubber and all timbers – up to 150mm thick, with a maximum sheet size is 4000m x 2000m
  • Our ‘first in SA’ acid bath passivates stainless steel after fabrication, removing impurities and contaminants
  • We developed an industry-first bottle label remover for the wine sector
  • We have the jobbing and manufacturing capacity for large industrial projects
  • We hold all relevant material certifications and qualifications