This was a fuel delivery system for a gas turbine which produces electricity.

The fuel block provides a complete solution for liquid fuel unloading, fuel polishing & fuel delivery. The two TM2500 gas turbines are powered via the fuel block, supplying the required fuel to work at 100% load. The system can be commissioned and operational in less than two weeks from arriving in the country because of its integrated design. The fuel block has been designed to be flexible in its ability to be applied to multiple voltage levels and is 50/60 Hz compatible.

In close consultation with the supplier, we developed a plan of how we would achieve this in a short period of time and then proceeded to implement the plan. Our 10-man team became 20 strong team overnight, moving into three factories to battle the workload.

With a very short project delivery timeframe, there were a number of challenges to overcome including quality assurance. However, with key staff, managing ITPs OTRs, we were able to meet all timeframe quality issues.

Ultimately due to a robust project plan, strong leadership and effective communication the project was delivered on time and on budget. At the same time establishing and developing new relationships.